Beans Diesel Performance Multi Function Sump


All of Beans Diesel tank sumps come with a 3″ hole saw and all the fittings you will need, (so no extra trips to the hardware store), as well as all stainless or aluminum hardware. The single O-ring design creates the perfect seal insuring you have zero leaks. Beans Diesel manufacture the only tank sump on the market that uses O-ring Boss style fittings instead of a pipe thread style fitting. This means less possibility for leaks and a perfect seal. Beans Diesel fittings can be used with a quick disconnect fitting (found on many aftermarket fuel systems) or 1/2″ push-lock style fuel hose. That means it is going to be plug and play for the largest percentage of aftermarket fuel systems out there! We even include a plug if you only need a single outlet style sump.

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